Vodafone 555 Blue

Vodafone 555 Blue – Tips: Importing contacts

In order for everybody to get the most out of the Vodafone 555 Blue I have decided that I will start to post a few tips & tricks that may or may not be so very obvious in the beginning.

One of the features that I am personally really excited about is the automatic merging of Facebook and Phonebook contacts. So for every contact that can safely be matched, the phone will automatically merge the accounts. Safe matching is currently defined as having the same phone number or email address.

The automatich merging will happen when you:
– Import contacts from SIM
– Import contacts from Facebook
– Import contacts from PC Suite
– Add a new Facebook friend

So for example when you add a new friend on Facebook that you already have in your phonebook, the next time your device synchronizes, the Facebook profile will be added to the existing phonebook entry. We really liked this, give it a try 😉

As a recommendation, it will work best if you import your Facebook friends at first as per the normal device setup flow and then import your Outlook/Windows contacts using the PC Suite. In some versions of Outlook, the PC Suite can be a bit hard to use. Just go to the contacts section first and wait for your Outlook contacts to load and after that do a phone synchronization. The PC Suite can be downloaded here.


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