Vodafone 555 Blue

How to log out of Facebook on Vodafone 555 Blue

Now, this topic has come up several times in the Facebook site of the Vodafone 555 Blue and I would like to answer it here instead of the Facebook page.

The simple answer is: you can not log out of Facebook on Vodafone 555 Blue.

This is intentionally done this way and there is actually no need to do so. It may be the case that a user has not really unerstood how the device works with Facebook when the desire to log out comes up. So let me try to explain what is actually happening:

When you login to Facebook, we synchronize your contacts, wall, messages, newsfeed and albums. By default, the device will now connect to the network every 20 minutes and check for updates (like new messages and notifications, etc.). You should have received a suitable data tariff from your local Vodafone country with the device so that this data traffic should not be of any concern to you.

If you still want to save on the amount of data the devices requires, we have implemented several mechanisms that allow you to control your data spend without requiring you to sign out of Facebook. Please go into the “Settings -> Facebook settings” menu. Then go into “Background updates” and put all three settings to “Manual update”. This will switch the device to complete manual mode and it will not fetch any updates in the background anymore.

Please note that this means that you will not receive any Facebook messages, notifications or any other updates anymore. You will have to manually refresh by e.g. using the f-key (set to “Refresh Facebook data”).

If you are not worried about data consumption but you care about privacy only, then you can protect the device with a lock code from unwanted access. In this mode, you will have to enter a 4-digit code every time you unlock the device. Please go into “Settings->Security->Activate phone code” to turn this feature on. The default code is “1234” and you can change it in the menu below (“Change phone code”). You can obviously always use this feature, regardless of your data prefetching settings.

Lastly, if you want to use the phone with a different Facebook account, you can simply go into “Settings->Facebook settings->My account” and sign in with a different account. Please note: This will not immediately clear your phonebook and other settings. So if you want to completely change the account on the phone (e.g. sell the phone to someone), then you will have to perform a factory reset to wipe all your data. Just turn off the phone. Then keep the “v” key pressed while you turn it on again. Then follow the instructions on the screen to clear the data.

I hope you can see that there simply is no need at all to log out of Facebook. You can always log in with a different account, turn off all background synchronization to control your data spend and protect the device from unauthorized use.

43 thoughts on “How to log out of Facebook on Vodafone 555 Blue

    1. Thanks for the comment.

      If you don’t mind I would really like to know which country you are from and what the price for data is there? Is Vodafone more expensive than others?

      I would like to check why it is so high, this should not be like that.

      Thank you, Norman

      1. Hi,
        this phone is amazing and very good…….your inputs are valuable to every one ……. need suggestion on emails…….as when i created a email account it allows only 100 and once full ….im unable to receive . or not sure what to do……..also would like to share mobile not only for facebook also for music,decent battery and over all good

  1. I can’t believe you can’t log out!! D: I need to log out of my account. My little sister got it as a new phone and she doesn’t have a Facebook account. I logged into mine to check on it and I can’t log out!! My sister is too young for a Facebook account and i don’t want her looking through mine!

  2. Thanks, I was about to take the phone back to Tesco’s and force them for a refund. As their sales bumf did not say anything about this phone costing over £2 per day to do absolutely nothing. I just thought I bought a cheap Mobile until my pay as you go credit expired while I was asleep. I did as you said, but will go to Orange for my next phone, as their network coverage is better round here, even if it means changing my number. I guess the only way to log out on this Alcatel/Vodafone555 piece of crap is to smash the handset against a rock then? Frappers must love these phones!

    1. Hi Glen,

      I am sorry to hear about your experience. You should have not been sold that device without a proper data tariff. It was all built to be a meaningful prepay package – if you get the proper data tariff it all makes much more sense.

      If you follow the instructions to throttle down the data usage you should be fine. Otherwise feel free to make a factory reset and just don’t log into Facebook at all.

      As I have said multiple times, it was my decision to build it this way and it was and still is the right thing to do. This is a phone for people who really want to use Facebook on their mobile. Do you feel this was not communicated clearly enough on the package/store display? I’d be happy to hear your feedback here.

      I hope the data usage modifications work out for you.

  3. Hey i recently changed accounts on this phone because my friend lent it to me to use and i put my sim card in. When i tried to log in to my facebook account it turned off and when i try turn it on it shows the loading sign then turns off again?

    1. Hard to say what is causing this. I think the factory reset is probably your best option now. We will also release an OverTheAir update soon, please make sure you install this when the message pops up on your device.

    1. Ha, great 🙂 Not sure what you mean regarding the messages. You can not change the sort order I am afraid. We tried to make this easy to use without too many settings and options, sorry if this does not fit your preference.

  4. Thank you for your information re: turning the updates to manual. I believe this should have at least been written up in the manual. I had no data package and no “suitable data tariff from your local Vodafone country with the device” was offered at time of purchase. I spent all of my prepay credit in the first 3 days without knowing how to turn it off! It also took several attempt of Google search to even get to this blog. As the “creator” I hope that you learn from these comments and make the information required to make the most from these phones more readily available.

    1. Hi Diane, sorry to hear this was not communicated clear enough at time of purchase. We will most definitely take your comment into account for future products. Where exactly did you buy it?

    1. oh great! can you please let me know how you did it. it is very annoying not being able to log out as im a student and it is very important.

  5. As much as this phone is delighting I absolutely do not favour the way application is developed and built around the firmware platform to link everything to face book. It severely restrict the sense of privacy to the people who are just not crazy about face book or don’t want to be seen login 24×7 on face book for many sensible reasons. Fiddling with buttons is no rocket science any more for people using mobiles and there should have been more options available to to control the behaviour of face book login. After turning off auto updates the only improvement I see is slightly better battery standby time. But in short if someone is not a face book fiend this phone is bricks for him. I am just appalled at the conniving manner wherein vodafone has pushed a facebook subsidised hardware upon innocent people.

    1. We have tried to make the phone as simple to use as we could within the boundaries of the platform. Therefore quite a few options have been removed. In all Vodafone’s marketing you should see clearly pointed out that this is a phone designed for Facebook usage and it is absolutely not meant to be a “standard phone”.

  6. Please i need help with my new vodafone 555 blue. I cant connect any app to internet even the in-built facebook and fb chat. Am unable to login. Its like the problem is with my network setting but i dont know where to make the changes. I need help!

    1. Hi,

      the settings are in the main menu under connectivity. It should work out of the box. If you want to change it is a bit more complicated as this is a two step process. To make sure it is not a network problem: What is your software version (type *#06# into the dialer) and what country are you in? I suppose you are using a Vodafone SIM card.


    1. Hi Dany,

      did you execute the latest software update – it contains a critical fix for a change that Facebook did to their platform? What is the version you are running (type *#06# into the dialer)?


  7. i found out a way 2 log out. all u hav 2 do is log on2 facebook and change ur pasword. a thing will come up saying do you want to log out of any other devices. say yes and then you are logged out of fb on your fone. go back and change your password back if you wish :)) xxxxxxxxxx

  8. most user would want to log out of facebook, but i want to log in! i can’t login to my facebook account using this phone. i just did a factory reset but i still cant log in. can you please help me?

    1. Hi Irene,

      There was a change in the Facebook platform that requires you to update the phone software. You should have seen this popup, please download and execute the update. You. An also manually update at any time in the settings menu.

      Hope this works for you 🙂

      1. Do you have a USB cable and a pc available? You can also update this way. The problem you describe is new to me. A factory reset may also help (press v while booting up the phone) but your data will be lost then. Sorry for the inconvenience – this was caused by a security update on the Facebook servers.

  9. Do these phones use your money even when you are not on facebook/using the phone/ I got a $20 topup, texted about 3 times and lost my phone. Upon finding it, I discovered a text saying that I had no prepay balance remaining 😐

    1. With the default setting the phone will connect to Facebook every 20mins to pull your messages, news, etc. The reason is that we can make the Facebook experience really fast this way and that was the design goal. The phone is fully optimized for Facebook.

      You can change the setting to manual update and then it will only connect when you are refreshing the data. The instructions are in this blog.

      Hope this helps 🙂

  10. i changed my password on facebook and said that i wanted to log out of other devices (including my phone) so now it shows the last refresh and all the notifications for all that. is it using my credit?

    1. To be honest I am not 100% sure, it may use a bit of data this way. There is no need for you to log out. Just set the phone to manual refresh (instructions are here as well) and it will not connect unless you want. Then you can still use all the functionality.

  11. Hi!! I have this phone and I’ve find a method to do the log out of Facebook! (Sorry for my bad english )
    Anyway You must change your facebook password and disable the login by other devices!!
    Or now i don’t know if you can just disable the login by other devices!!
    Advice: Do this operation by a PC!!

  12. Is there any way to use this phone so it does not use any Data. My daughter chose this phone she sent one text on it and her credit fell by almost £1.00. I take that this is probably due to some background data use. She has not signed into facebook or anything else.

  13. Hi Norman,
    Many Thanks for your speedy reply. In your blog you say “Please go into the “Settings -> Facebook settings” menu. Then go into “Background updates” and put all THREE settings to “Manual update”. I followed your instructions but only found ONE setting to change. This was called BASIC and I changed it to manual. Is this all I have to do?

    Kind regards


  14. All you have to do to log out of facebook on your phone is change your password and then save and it will say log out of any other devices and then press yes wiat a few minutes and the you are logged out!Hope this helped! 🙂

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