iOS4 on iPhone 3G is too slow

For anyone that may think of upgrading the iPhone 3G to iOS4 – dont’t!

After I have done the update the phone becomes really unusable for me and I am not able to see any worthwhile benefit that it would bring. The only few things are folders and a nice display of the pictures you took on a map (to be honest I take very few pictures anyway because of the bad camera). I am getting really annoyed with it now, hardly remember any phone that was this slow to use. Unfortunately the iPhone 4 is not an option as long as the antenna design is not changed. Hence I am seriously thinking of switching to some nice Android device now. At present it takes my iPhone 3G about 20 seconds to open the SMS inbox. Other apps are slow as well and on top totally unpredictable. Sometimes launching the phonebook takes 30 seconds, sometimes it’s quick. Many apps (internal, not 3rd party) keep crashing randomly. So after waiting 30 seconds, you are back to the home screen.

The main reason why I bought an iPhone was that I felt Apple is doing a really good job on software maintenance – until iOS4 that is. To be honest it is beyond my understanding why it was well possible to write a fast performing OS for the iPhone 3G (2.x) and then suddenly it is no more (4.x)? Guess Apple engineers are just too lazy to optimize their code nowadays.

Fortunately the downgrade to an earlier iPhone OS is still possible and I will do it tonight. These are the links I have found:

ATTENTION: If you downgrade your phone, you will not be able to restore your previous iPhone backup! iTunes will complain that the backup was made with a newer OS version. I am trying to find a workaround. Looks like the only known solution is to use TimeMachine to find backup that was made with the old OS version you are downgrading to. Otherwise you need to setup the phone as a new model. If you do that, your current backup will be overwritten!! So make sure you backup your backup first. More info here:

I am now experimenting with the idea of editing the Info.plist file to fake an older version number. Instructiond here.