My personal wishlist for iPhone V4

I had long resisted the iPhone. While i was one of the first people in my company to be able to touch and play with the first iPhone i was sticking to my Nokia N95 8GB for quite a long time. Admitedly (rather late) i am now an iPhone addict (in the positive sense).

So here is my personal wishlist of what should be in the new version of the iPhone should there be any soon – for what it is worth:

– 3.7″ – WVGA screen (not bigger, please)

– At least 2mm thinner

– Minimum 50% increased battery lifetime

– Back cover and front cover having the same color (black + white is truly ugly). The whole ID needs an overhaul as it is truly well engineered but not really competitive anymore.

– Frontside should be mostly screen with very limited framing (why not have the screen go around the buttons ;-)) )?

– 1 Ghz CPU

– 5MP camera with flash and 1080p HD camcorder

– Wireless iTunes sync

On top of that i personally think the iPhone 3GS should actually turn into an iPhone 3G nano with about 3/4 of the size of the current model keeping the same resolution and featureset (subject to getting the touch experience right). So Apple could continue the “classic line” as nano and bring the hardware up to standards with the new “premium” models.

I know this may be conflicting Apple’s strategy, but it is a wishlist.

I did not write anything about software as i think there are plenty of good suggestions already. And to be honest (putting my consumer hat on) i am pretty happy with the choice of applications. A bit more multimedia (HDMI out?) would be really cool.