The ultimate gift

I had one of these philosophical moments the other day. Over all the years i have worked i had not realized one very important thing that suddenly became crystal clear to me in front of my inner eye. Everyone (well, maybe not exactly everyone) of us is gifted with a very special gift: we have ideas!

An idea is a fantastic thing. It makes you happy, it makes you feel powerful, proud, superior, intelligent, etc. You completely own it. It is all yours, totally up to you if you share it or not. Nobody can force you to let go of it, you decide!

There is nothing like a great idea. You are in complete control, you can change it, extend it or kill it. The feeling you get when a great idea starts to cook makes you smile, it cheers you up.

I guess what i am trying to say is that we should all feel truly gifted of being able to generate ideas. We should nourish and treat the “engine” behind it very well. One idea is just the basis for the next, let’s not stop!


Ready to be a junkie, yet?

I was really amazed when i discovered Telebid. This is really one amazing example of a money machine and i am truly envious i did not come up with the idea. It also has a perfect fit for mobile to it that can span your internet addiction across several devices all at once.

What is it then?

Quite simple: it is a realtime online auction. What’s so special? Well, typically the items on the roster go for little or even no money at all. As a good example they sold a Macbook for 151€ (in fact the end price was reduced to 0€ on auction end), an iPod touch 16GB for 22€, etc. So far so good – excellent value for the customer!

The tiny little bit that makes this thing really interesting (commercially speaking) is that every bid a customer makes is charged at 0,5€ while it only increases the item price by 0,10€ (some auctions do 0,01€).

Do the math… the Macbook went for 755€, the iPod for 132€. So where is the business? Well, it is in the mixture of the offerings and their sales prices. Some examples:

  • a HP Pavilion dv6650eg cashed in an incredible 2673,60€
  • another iPod Touch 16GB made them 730,20€
  • a Panasonic DMC-FZ50 brought in 1923€

Guess you are getting the idea, this is just such a money making machine. As i said i am really envious as it very nicely manipulates us and plays a few psychological tricks so incredibly well. If you are interested in any of the manipulation techniques, suggest you check out “Darren Brown” on youtube. This video shows him paying a 4500$ platinum ring with blank paper! There are a lively discussion of how fake this is, at least it is very entertaining.

So i am really staying away from this one, i know i would turn into a total addict.