AFP Problems with QNAP TS-109

UPDATE: The QNAP is being replaced now. It constantly kept failing (i.e. not reachable anymore from the network requiring to set it up again) and I do not want to put up with it anymore. QNAP out – Synology in 😉


I constantly ran into this problem and i want to keep track of it here. When you use AFP on the QNAP TS-109 drive, OS X will put a few hidden folders onto the shares that at the end keep the QNAP from working.

In my drive, they simply lock up and mount the whole HDA_DATA partition as readonly. I am then not even able to delete the .AppleD* directories using “rm -rf .Apple*” as it will only produce an error message.


– turn off AFP and Bonjour services for AFP

– on all your MACs execute this command in a shell “defaults write DSDontWriteNetworkStores true”

– cd to all directories with shares (e.g. /share/HDA_DATA/Qmultimedia) one by one

– execute “rm -rf .AppleD*

[CORRECTION] Busybox somehow does not properly do a “rm -rf”, so i am doing this now to remove only the DS_Store files: “rm `find . | grep DS_Store`”

– on readonly error, it helped to kill all hd_util processes which seem to have got stuck

– execute a check of the partition (it should produce a message in the log)

– reboot NAS (to make sure)

– turn AFP and Bonjour back on

This worked for me – to be honest i left the drive for a whole night to make sure all checks really finished.